Mama Town

I've been very neglectful of my blog and I'm so sorry! A lot of time has passed since I wrote a few posts and now I'm married with a beautiful baby boy! You'll hear a ton about him I'm sure as he's my new inspiration for my topics on here. I haven't decided a topic for my blog yet, so you're about to see a lot of posts on very different subjects but that's okay! I'm learning what I like to write about and you, my dear readers, are learning what you like to see me write about! It's a journey that we are taking together.

For now, I'm 5 months in to being a mom and I've got a lot of interesting topics on my mind. You know how when you're about to have a baby you go on Pinterest and read every blog post you can possibly find trying to find the perfect registry list or the perfect nursery set up? Just me? Okay. Well, I did that and in that process, there are quite a few things that were missed! It seems like every post said the exact …

My Part-Time Struggles

So I have had some trouble finding a job ever since I was looking for my first job at 16. I applied for about 5 jobs before I got my first job at Chick-Fil-A. Unfortunately, I left that job after almost a year. I loved working at Chick-Fil-A, I just happened to be under some terribly un-Christian-like managers (including the owner of the store!) They treated their customers wonderfully, but us employees weren't treated that well - unless you were a pet of the owner. Did I mention the owner loved to "quiz" us on what the ingredients were in EVERYTHING? Like I got ridiculed because I said the chargrill sandwich was on a wheat bun and not a "golden honey wheat bun." One manager in particular had an "I'm everything and I'm always right" attitude that I just could not take anymore. Plus, it was 30 mins from my house and during the winter I would go in to work and then be sent home after only being there for 45 minutes, even if other workers had bee…

The Stressful Mid-Semester Peak

I've hit that point in the middle of the semester where I am just ready to be done, but I can't be because I'm nowhere near done! Anyone else there with me? (Did I hear an amen?) Life is stressful as a college student. We are still developing the grades in our classes and haven't hit that point where we can just skip an assignment knowing we'll be fine with all the points we've gathered. Not that I do that ;) We're still getting used to our profs' test formats because some of them haven't given a test until now when they give the midterms. All the pressure is on right now. And I don't just mean mid-semester.

Everyone says to enjoy college because we won't have much time to have fun in the real world. Well I say that's a bunch of baloney and anyone who tells me that must not have gone to school for a degree or took like 6 years to get it! College is stressful! I go to a school with a very demanding curriculum and watch the people around m…

Never-ending Information

I will be a junior year (!) education student this fall and am amazed by the amount of information that I learn and see every day. I never stop learning how a classroom may look or possible layouts. I am shown many arrangements for children who need adaptations to do well in school. I learn how hard it really is to write a lesson plan and worry that if I ever need to bring in a sub they won't do what I leave. It is all so overwhelming, and sometimes I wonder: can I really do this? Can I really take control of a classroom of 20+ children? 

The answer is yes. Yes I can. I am still learning and will never stop doing so. I have to have confidence in my professors. Confidence that they will teach me everything I need to know and that they will be open to any questions I may have. I have to believe in myself. I am a smart girl and can do this! If i pay attention in class and put the effort in (which there is no doubt I am putting the effort in!) then I will learn all that I need to. The …

1st Timer

Hey guys!! This is my first blog, so I will be learning as I go. I'm not very savvy when it comes to this kind of stuff, so please be patient with me! I will probably make mistakes..scratch that. I WILL make mistakes! :) I'm still setting this up and personalizing it so I will write a post sometime this week, promise! I can't wait to start sharing my tips, tricks, and thoughts with you! Thanks for your support! To fellow (more experienced than I!) bloggers, do you have any tips for me??